November: 2018 Charity Update and Dragon Con Superheroes

So, its a bit but I wanted to share with you all what the final tally was for the 2018 Charity, Literacy Action. 

All said and done 118 thousand dollars and 8,600 books were donated to the Charity! Amazing work, this came from the various charity buckets and auctions.

We in Fantasy Lit are already brainstorming a charity event for next year!

Dragon Con Superheroes!

You guys keep asking form more Dragon Con stuff between Cons, here it is: Dragon Con Superheroes!

There are 3 events between the 2018 and 2019 Con this year. We just did the first one which was a ton of fun. LoL Never have I had so much fun spreading mulch.


Want to join in? You get a FREE shirt and into a Special Event next Dragon Con!

Next one is February 9th!

Happy October!!!

The Guest Application link went live today!

For those who have ever wondered how do I get the [insert name] to be a guest this is how.

All Guests and Attending Professionals go threw this process.

I went ahead and attached the link to the page below, feel free to apply.

I look forward to seeing you all at Dragon Con  2019,

Cisca  Small
Track Director

Guest Application!


Reboot Year!

This year we are Rebooting the Track, after all who doesn’t like a good reboot every now and then?

I would say pardon the mess -But I am going to try really hard to not make to much of a mess as I update the page.  Having said that we are Rebooting the Track this year, and most construction sites involve a few booms.

So, what is this and what do we do? A ton of fun stuff. Our Track at Dragon Con focuses on all the wonderful Fantasy Literature and the things that tie into it.

You will find that this year we are going to have panels all over the place, its going to be an adventure.