Fantasy Literature Schedule 2018

Friday, August 31

1 pm: Genre Bending

What makes a book one kind of fantasy or the other? Explore the boundaries and bendable nature of fantasy classification. Exactly what makes a novel Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Urban, or just plain Fantasy? As if fantasy could ever be plain!

2:30 pm: Monsters Are People Too

What exactly makes one a monster? The role of non-human races & how they are different from human characters.

4 pm: Military Fantasy


What makes battles and wars in Fantasy different and distinctly fantastic?

8:00 pm: Fantasy Gather

Celebrate the start of the Con & meet the voices of Fantasy literature. Authors will be here to meet you & sign books. Who knows what surprises & treasures you will find?

10:00 pm: ‘Wait, What?’: Crazy Uncensored Stories 

Come listen to the outlandish adventures of our panelists & perhaps be inspired. Remember, for every rule there is a story/reason–we may be learning some of those. Some of these stories are of conventions & some are things that shock when looking back at them.

Saturday, September 1

11:30 am: Amazons & Assassins

Using elements of history & changing them in Fantasy novels, from the classic castle to genies & demons.

1 pm: BYOMC: Bring Your Own Magical Creature

Bring your own magical creature! No two magical creatures are the same-that would just be boring & embarrassing, like two-women-in-the-samedress embarrassing. So how do you take a magical creature & make it your
own? Let’s find out from the experts.

2:30 pm: Casting Your Novel

What would be the story and cast if you were producing a movie based on today’s popular novel of the panel and others?

4 pm: Delphic Oracle 

Only the truly gifted can channel the powers of the Delphic Oracle. We have managed to assemble such rare people–however, the power is too great for one person. We will have to decipher the answers one word at a time from our gifted panel.

(Check out the Video on our 2018! page)

5:30 pm: Stealing from the Past 

Historical settings and backgrounds used in Fantasy novels.

7 pm: When Magic Is Not Enough: Healing

What to do when you can’t just pull up the hospital, the healing spells just aren’t enough–or worse, have run out. Plus the inside scoop on making things workable when it comes to injuries and diseases.

8:30 pm: The World & the Game 

Which comes first, the world or the game? Some games give birth to stories, & some give birth to roleplaying games. D&D gave birth to an endless world of stories, while the Dresden Files gave birth to whole new roleplaying games. Let’s look at how this happens.

10 pm: The Isms: Looking at Classic Fantasy from the Viewpoint of Today

Social consciousness changes, but books are forever. Something that was once progressive today may seem anything but. Are these works simply products of their time or true reflections of the person? Let’s not toss the dragonet out with the Hatching Sand and shells. *Trigger Warning*

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Sunday, September 2

11:30 am: Revisiting Pern

Exploring the origins, history, and future of the Pern Universe. After all, there is a new book coming out just a few months after Dragon Con.

1 pm: Fantasy Cats

Lions, tigers, and cats–oh my! Cats as written and portrayed in popular novels. We are not forgetting the feline shifters, either. If they are magic, do we need to have magical scratching posts? Does that mean they don’t shed? Will regular kitty litter do?

2:30 pm: Mapping Out Magic

Making sense of how a magic system works. What are the limits of magic in a fantasy world?

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 4 pm: When Science & Magic Collide

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ Arthur C. Clarke. We are going to talk about series where the magic & science mix & sometimes are indistinguishable. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Lit Tracks combined for this special event.

5:30 pm: Meet the Authors: Dragon Awards

Listen to the nominees of the Dragon Awards. Maybe we will even have this year’s winner sitting with us. We will have past year nominees.

(Check out the Video on our 2018! page)

7 pm: Magic, Psychics, and Superpowers–oh My!

There is magic, then there are superpowers and mutants. What is genetic-and is it still fantasy, or is it really science?

8:30 pm: What the World Needs Now Is Fantasy, Sweet Fantasy! 

No, not just for some, but for everyone… Talking about how Fantasy literature is used to explore social issues & change. There’s enough room in Fantasy for everyone!

10 pm: Dragons & Magical Mating Habits

The mating habits of more than just Pern Dragons are examined. Dealing with the topics of intimacy & sex in literature.

Monday, September 3

10:00 am: The Perfect Cosplay Book

How do you cosplay out of a book? After all, often the only visuals we have are the book covers. So, how do we make something distinctly from Valdemar, Pern, or any of our favorite worlds?

11:30 am: Publishing Gone Wild

Getting you and your work out there in a nontraditional way. The many things have not changed in the world of publishing, but some things have. How do you create your own path to bring your fantasy world to life for more than just yourself?

1 pm: All the Subs! (or, at least, a good number of Fantasy categories)

Ever wonder what litRPG is? Or Supervise? How about Weird West? Prairie Gothic? Time for some answers! What makes these splinter parts of Fantasy more than just one-off themes.

2:30 pm: Of Gods and Women

‘Of Gods and Women: An Examination of the Role of Religion Upon Tamora Pierce’s Tortallan Heroines’- A discussion of the interplay between female characters and immortals in Tamora Pierce’s realm of Tortall. Notes: This panel is from the Comics and Popular Arts Conference people. Trying to figure out a place to put it. But it looks like the names they have attached are not in the database *Wisniewski was declined. I do not see where Storla applied. Do you want to keep this panel?

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