Fantasy Literature Schedule 2014

Friday, August 29

11:30am: Welcome to Fantasy Literature!

Meet our volunteers, ask your questions, and hear a few ground rules from our beautiful and charming director.

1pm: Napoleon and the Song of Ice and Roses

Some of our favorite fantasy epics have their roots in real-world ones. How does our history get a new life in fantasy?

Elizabeth Moon, Katherine Kurtz, Kathryn Hinds, A.J. Hartley, Naomi Novik

2:30pm: Yes, Mom, it’s real literature.

We’ve all had this conversation, haven’t we? And yet, so many people still need convincing: fantasy literature is a perfectly cromulent genre.

4pm: Magical Tactics

Space marines are great. But what about when firepower is an actual fire power? Military tactics have a place in fantasy literature, too.

Elizabeth Moon, Jaym Gates, David Farland

5:30pm: Fantasy for Gamers

Your favorite book is probably also a tabletop game—or is it the other way around?

Lynn Abbey, Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman, Jaym Gates

7pm: Comedy in Fantasy

No matter which worlds fantasy sweeps us off to, some things are universal: terrible puns and hilarious fart jokes.

Jody Lynn Nye, Lev Grossman

8:30pm: Wheel of Time Loony Theories
It’s baaaa-ack! The crazy ideas never end. Will yours win the crackpot jackpot?

Saturday, August 30

10am: Dragon*Con Parade (Room Closed)

Kingsguard and Aes Sedai, Heralds and dragonriders, wizards and rogues and seers: don your finest garb for a grand procession!

1pm: Gender Roles in Fantasy Literature

A thorny subject? Maybe. But we’re going there. (Bring your respectful questions and insights.)

Kathryn Hinds, C.L.Wilson, Jaym Gates

2:30pm: Delphic Oracle

The Oracle at Delphi used great magic to see the future. Now our writer guests will channel her power to tell us a story—one word at a time.
Jody Lynn Nye, Todd McCaffrey, Teresa Patterson, Elizabeth Moon, Lev Grossman

4pm: Beasties!

Maned, winged, scaled, furred, hooved, and all combinations thereof: fantasy is a menagerie. How do we write these critters convincingly?

Jody Lynn Nye, Naomi Novik, Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman, Jaym Gates

 5:30pm: A Support Group of Ice and Fire

GRRM only hits us because he loves us. We reconvene to lament the scenes that made us cringe, cry, scream—and feverishly turn the next page.

7pm: You Win or You Daes Dae’mar

Make your allegiances. Pool your resources. And destroy your enemies. It’s a multiverse trivia brawl—and only one team will emerge victorious.

8:30pm: Creature Karaoke

Hanover C-E

Left your wand at home? Don’t worry: microphones are almost as good. Bonus points for coming in costume.


Sunday, August 31

10am: The Fantasy Lit Guide to Fantasy Lit Guides

Pern, Xanth, Middle-earth, the Wheel of Time—every speculative fiction world worth its salt has a guidebook. How do they come together?
Jody Lynn Nye, Teresa Patterson

11:30am: Modern Day Magic

If “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” what happens when you drop magic into a technologically advanced world?

Jim Butcher, Lev Grossman

1pm: Hi, my name is ______ and I write fanfic.

Perfectly respectable authors got their start in fan fiction. And we can prove it.
Naomi Novik

2:30pm: Tyrion Lannister Fan Club

The man. The myth. The misanthrope. An hour proclaiming our love (or hate) for Westeros’ most beloved underdog is just not enough.

 4pm: We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re magic.

How was the LGBT perspective once represented in fantasy/spec fic—and how is it evolving? How things stand, and how they could stand to improve.

5:30pm: Todd McCaffrey’s Plays for Voices

Pullup a chair for a staged reading of one of Todd McCaffrey’s latest pieces of fantastical, draconical short fiction.
Todd McCaffrey

7pm: Wheel of Time: Unwritten Pages

What did we not get to see but really wanted to? Shara, Seanchan, the Isle of Madmen, and more.

8:30pm: Live Music: Emerald Rose

Bring your tambourines and dancing shoes! Our favorite be-kilted bards return to regale us with an evening of wit and song.

Emerald Rose

10pm: Dragon Sex!

Hanover C-E
Pernese dragons and riders have a bond through which they share everything. Yes.Really. EVERYTHING. Ahem. (For once, you’ll want to come early.)

Monday, September 1

11:30am: An Hour with Todd McCaffrey

The heir to the Dragonriders of Pern legacy answers your questions and—if we ask nicely—reads us a bit from his latest work.

Todd McCaffrey

1pm: Dead Dragon Party

The dreaded Real Life beckons. Before you battle it,replenish your stockpile of hugs and silliness—we have enough to last you, oh,about a year.

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