charlotte_mooreCharlotte Moore, Director Charlotte attended her first Dragon Con at the tender young age of 17, approximately 239 years ago. She is still developing a method to deliver that first experience intravenously.

Charlotte became a Weyrfest volunteer in 2002 and then, through a series of hilarious misunderstandings, its director in 2008. She coordinated Weyrfest through its final official year in 2012, at which point someone suggested she keep going for the brand new Fantasy Literature track. A bottle of Woodford Reserve told her that this was a really swell idea and God would never notice.

A fresh-faced rock star of the Raleigh advertising scene, Charlotte splits her time between copywriting for money and tweeting for attention. Her blog, The Irritable Vowel, inhabits some vague intersection of poop jokes and writing advice. She was thrilled/perplexed/dismayed/thrilled again to be asked, with her co-director Angelina Adams, to contribute to Dragonwriter, a memorial anthology of essays about the incomparable Anne McCaffrey. Her essay is not as good as Angel’s, but she gets the same royalties.

She ships Destiel and allies herself with House Targaryen. Haters gonna hate.

angel_adamsAngelina Adams, Director’s Second After having spent a decade working with Weyrfest at Dragon Con, Angel stepped back for a couple of years to concentrate on family and writing—though, with the arrival of her first granddaughter in April of 2007, family took more time than writing for a while. However, being apart from the friends she only gets to see within the insanity that is Dragon Con proved too much for her, and she was thrilled when she discovered there was room for her on staff again in 2007 (but of course there was!). She was coerced into returning to her former position of Director’s Second in 2008. She enjoyed being the yin to Charlotte’s yang for the final five years of Weyrfest’s amazing run at the convention. With the beginning of this bright new future of Fantasy Literature at Dragon Con, she is looking forward to bringing the unique combination of hospitality and insanity that Weyrfest was known for to a brand new home.

As a mother of four and friend to many, she is active in volunteering for the local high school drama program. She spends what little spare time she has indulging in a rising love of photography and lost within the worlds of her own creation, which are slowly making their way into written form.

2013 is proving to be an amazing year as she has enjoyed the process of seeing her dream of being published become a reality. Dragonwriter: A Tribute to Anne McCaffrey and Pern went on sale the end of July, and sharing this amazing adventure with such wonderful talents and friends has made the process so much more than she had ever hoped for. She is very much looking forward to seeing everyone again!

gloria_adamsGloria Adams-Hanley Just what we needed. Another inhospitable redhead on staff. In one of history’s most flagrant cases of nepotism, Gloria Adams was made a Weyrfest volunteer when she was only 16 years old. In 2011, she marked her fifth Dragon Con as a volunteer and returns with excitement to Dragon Con and the new Fantasy Literature track.

Gloria is a freshly minted college graduate, mother, teacher, and slam poet living in Austin, Texas. She works at a middle school tutoring sixth graders in Math and hopes to soon have a classroom of her own teaching English so that she can sneak fantasy and sci-fi into the curriculum. She is very active in the Austin Slam Poetry community, representing APS at IWPS in 2012 and competing at nationals in 2013 as a member of the Neo Soul Slam Team, where she won the title of National Haiku Champion.

You can call her Gloria, Glori, Green, or Angel’s Daughter. DFTBA.

hisham_elfarHisham El-Far Hisham El-Far has been coming to Dragon Con for several years and was press-ganged into volunteering in the old Worlds of Anne McCaffrey fan track for Dragon Con 2011. He has not yet managed to escape our Director’s clutches.

From the UK, Hisham pretends to work for a living as a Train Guard on the railway in the North of England; to this day he is amazed that someone still pays him to do this as a job, as he is able to read at work!

In his spare time when he isn’t reading, he likes to play board and video games.

For the record, he knows that he is very tall and that he has a most British of accents—these characteristics have been pointed out to him on previous occasions.

He is currently plotting to take over the world. His plans may be suffering from a lack of resources, but he remains hopeful for progress and is considering using Kickstarter.

richard_blaylock1Richard Fife Raised by wild Australian hobos*, The Fife swam the entire Pacific in just three days to escape persecution by rabid cake elitists. He was taken in by a mining family, who sent him off to some big university out in the Midwest to learn how to explode things and move electrons with the power of his mind. His incarceration there gave him a love for word processors and various fermented liquids. When not enjoying himself at the local pub, The Fife can be spotted in the barrens of Wilmington, NC, trying to fend off seagulls with an engine wrench as he makes his weekly pie run to Food Lion.

Since moving to Wilmington, the Fife has volunteered for the former Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time track here at Dragon Con, worked for as a blogger, became the Writer’s Track director for JordanCon, seen a play he wrote produced in a Wilmington local theatre, written a serialized novel on his website,, and personally thwarted an attempted awakening of Cthulhu. He also is a single father of two adorable spawnlings, which he has unabashedly corrupted with Doctor Who and old 80s cartoons.

*The Fife is not Australian himself; in fact, we’re not sure where the hell he came from, but we do wish they would take him back.

margaret_johnsonMargaret Johnson Margaret is a student at UCSD working toward a Nanoengineering degree, to make science fiction real. She is also a member of the science fiction/fantasy library at her college. She read her first fantasy novel at six, when she learned to love reading from Harry Potter. When introduced to the library, she never looked back. Since then, her free time has been filled with words just about floating off of pages.

Margaret attended her first Dragon Con in 2008 with her mother. It was one of her first conventions ever, and after just one exposure she was hooked. She loves to costume, a different costume each day of the con. This will be her fourth Dragon Con.

robert_raneyRobert Raney Robert is a Texas-born-and-raised military brat. He grew up in Central Texas with his mother and her family, and traveled to visit his father wherever he was stationed. Robert has been working the chaos that is Dragon Con since 2008, where he runs from parties to panels whenever his duties of keeping Angel and Charlotte fed (or facilitating the eviction of idiots from panels) have allowed him.

In Fall of 2012, Robert completed his B.S. & M.S. in Geophysics and Planetary Geoscience; he is now working with a geoscience software company in Houston. What he is truly happy about is that now that he has gotten his big boy job, he can put some of his extra time into the things he wasn’t able to do during school. Robert put aside his artwork, writing, and photography to complete his education and is now enjoying his free time to be creative once again. He truly enjoys his time at Dragon Con and misses his DC family dearly during the long year apart.

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